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Simple vox exciter modeled after the Fender Rotor Reverb amplifier. A good sounding exciter with the ability to make the vocals shine. Note: Any ring modulation after the exciter plugins will cause the GUI to glitch. Drums Drum Exciter was designed to enhance some of the sounds of this plugin. Drum Exciter Description: Simple reverb plugin modeled after the Fender Deluxe Reverb. Produces vintage, retro drum sounds with heavy reverb and the ability to add a bit of sustain. Note: Any ring modulation after the exciter plugins will cause the GUI to glitch. Drum Wrench Drum Wrench is a product of necessity. For some years, Bob said that Vox DJing, Vocals, and Bass needed a good "hard smooth" easy to work drum machine with a few extras. So out of this came Drum Wrench. Drum Wrench Description: A fun, easy to use digital drum machine with a few extras. Drums, Bass, Claps and Pads have a reasonable set of functionality, and the drum machine itself is very easy to use, Just design your drum patterns, switch modes, and you're ready to play. Note: Any ring modulation after the exciter plugins will cause the GUI to glitch. Note: The Vox Audio Space Editor is a great companion app and all the REVOs are compatible with it in one form or another. All REVOs have a non-vocalized version of their effects. If you just want to try them, select the non-vocalized versions in the REVOS GUI. Just press "SHIFT" while pressing "CTRL" on the keyboard, then select the REVO you want to apply. To use any of the REVOs, load either Electric Vox Exciter or Drum Exciter, then open the Tab labeled "REVO". Plug in a headphone cable and you'll hear the effect in action. Electric Vox Exciter comes with Drums models, bass, leads, and vocals. Drum Exciter comes with Drums, bass, leads, and vocals. We would like to thank the hard working folks at RRRecs, the people at RAMONA, who allowed us to use this name, and to all of the users who have purchased our plugins. Plugins are a labor of love, and a5204a7ec7

The Electric Vox Exciter plugin was designed to give the voices a special "electric" and metallic edge, good for trip-hop style vocals. "Earth tones" is a singularity represented by a single color family, B&W, which coordinates variations in tone, and almost all passages of vocal music. It is a combination of brown, tan, auburn, buff and gray, and other shadings, with slight variations in tone or value, and two main tones (darker and lighter). In spite of most appearances of other colors in the color wheel, the Earth tones are the most used tones in all painting (and painting is the only case in which these tones are preferred over the others). The term earth tone usually applies to a blend of colors and hues that are called browns, tans, ashes and grays. The Earth tones can be described as a blend of brown and gray or a blend of gray and brown. In some arts, they are seen as a blend of black and gray. The Earth tones are natural colors that are often used by nature. There are many shades of earth tones in the natural world. The earth tones are used for clothing and painting earthy scenes, and are a good way of bringing depth and life into a scene. The Earth tones can be found in many places. Besides the landscape, the pure tones can be found in the deserts, mountains and forests. Earth tones are more than a simple color, as they contain other shades. For example, gray-brown has a mix of hazel and brown. A red-brown combines hazel, red, and brown. If the hazel becomes dark, the color then becomes black, which is a basic tone of Earth tones. The Earth tones can be found in many lands; as can be seen from the images below. The Earth tones show up in North America (western United States, and Canada), Europe (Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia), East Asia (Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia), South Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan), South Africa (Western and Northern Cape,